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Vaughan Chopper Pumps
This video demonstrates the raw power behind Vaughan Chopper Pumps. These durable waste water pumps are designed to tackle the toughest of applications, so watch and enjoy as floor wipes, nylons, watermelons, and whole turkeys get pulverized.
Does your WWTP or lift station have wrapping problems due to disposable wipes? With Vaughan Company's patented internal cutter design you can say goodbye to continuous maintenance and relax as those troublesome fibers are slashed away from the shaft and seal.
This Animation shows the internal cutting mechanisms behind the Vaughan Chopper Pump. This design includes multiple cutting surfaces that removes debris from the inlet of the pump, clears the area around the shaft of binding materials, and reduces solid sizes all while pumping forward. Vaughan Pumps are built to eliminate problems so that they do not show up further along in your system.