Educational Podcasts

Chris Skintges of Crane Pumps & Systems discusses non-clog vs. chopper pumps and which pumps best handle modern wastewater streams (and baseball bats!).
Water industry expert Dr. Lynn Broaddus shares her insights on building a sustainable water future.
Jeff Bergman, ABB’s Director of Sales and Marketing for water and wastewater drives, explains how smart technology and predictive maintenance are revolutionizing water treatment.
Ron Crosier, president and founder of Greasezilla, walks us through a new solution for fat, oil, and grease (FOG) removal.
Brian Strait, Check-All Valve’s Business Development and Marketing Manager, explains the value of proper valve sizing and how to stave off the damage of water hammer.
Enviro Tech’s Jacquelyn Wilson introduces her company's innovative line of Peragreen products, which use peracetic acid, a greener alternative than traditional chlorine wastewater disinfection.
Gilad Cohen, chief executive officer for IDE Americas, discusses IDE’s Eco-Reuse process, which incorporates a safe, preventive maintenance approach that increases system efficiency and minimizes environmental impact.
Lisa Riles and Adam Stolberg of the Submersible Wastewater Pump Association converse on the organization's ongoing role in educating the current and next generation of pump professionals.
Mark Anderson of Comau robotics provides a look at the increasing role of wearable robotics and exoskeletons in the workforce.
Edward Tom from Yaskawa America discusses his company’s recently released GA500 Industrial Microdrive.
Ben Keiser from Applied Flow Technology speaks on the critical importance of proper pump selection
Chris Moody from the American Water Works Association updates us on the organization’s current efforts advocating for clean and potable water throughout the country.