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Family Business Leadership with Bill Goodspeed
9 Succession Planning Pitfalls to Avoid
100 Years of Service with Willmar Electric Services President, David Chapin
Over his 26-year career with Trus Joist Corporation (now a Weyerhaeuser business), Randy Goruk was part of a dynamic senior management team whose change initiatives increased annual revenues from $60 million to $1 billion. Today, as a leadership development expert and employee engagement specialist in the construction industry, Randy draws from his experience of taking multimillion-dollar companies through tough times while delivering practical insight into today's business challenges and achieving higher levels of business growth.

Hilti Shares What's on the Horizon
Hilti shares what it has to offer regarding fleet and other services, and what the company is doing with IoT, digital change leadership, and the resources for general contractors as we exist with COVID-19.

Rafael Garcia leads Hilti North America’s marketing initiatives as Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President of Marketing. His tenacity and drive for innovation have awarded him global recognition, where Hilti North America marketing initiatives are now a testing ground for global release. Before moving to the United States, Rafael served in the Swiss Military Artillery Unit up until his honorable discharge in 2007 with career advancement to Hilti North America. Rafael earned his Master of Mechanical Engineering degree from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich.
Milwaukee Showcases MX Fuel™ Equipment System
Brian Alves is a group product manager for Milwaukee Tool. He has more than 10 years of experience in market planning, sales, field marketing, and product marketing and holds a B.A. in Economics from Cornell University.

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