Wally Adamchik CSP, CMC, CVP speaks and consults on leadership to the construction industry. For nearly 20 years, his solutions have helped contractors be more productive, safe, and profitable. Wally grew up in construction before spending a decade as an Officer of Marines. His solutions are practical, tested, and effective. A regular presenter at industry gathering across North America, he is the author of Construction Leadership From A to Z and of No Yelling: The Nine Secrets of Marine Corps Leadership.

In times of uncertainty, people want clear leadership. In this dynamic presentation, Wally shares the latest construction industry research on what the best contractors are doing to improve culture and leadership at all levels. There are opportunities, if you look for them, to improve productivity, to benefit your bottom line, and make your life easier.

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Over his 26-year career with Trus Joist Corporation (now a Weyerhaeuser business), Randy Goruk was part of a dynamic senior management team whose change initiatives increased annual revenues from $60 million to $1 billion. Today, as a leadership development expert and employee engagement specialist in the construction industry, Randy draws from his experience of taking multimillion-dollar companies through tough times while delivering practical insight into today's business challenges and achieving higher levels of business growth.

With the challenge of retaining a stable workforce, it is critical for all levels of leaders in the construction industry to develop and refine their communication skills. Less than stellar communications can lead to a disengaged workforce, which leads to costly mistakes, quality problems, missed opportunities, productivity challenges, safety concerns, and employee turnover. This webinar will share proven, effective, and easily implementable communication strategies to engage your team and elevate their performance.
The Psychology of Safety: Understanding Employee Behavior in Uncertain Times:
Learning the psychology of safety will help you understand the drivers of differing employee behavior. Especially during uncertain times, people behave differently based on a variety of factors, including what is important to them. Our experts help you understand these drivers and make a connection between people, culture and performance.

Presenter: Jenny Krasny, Operational Risk Consultant, Caterpillar Safety Services
Communication Strategy: Supporting Safety Through Words and Deeds:
Leaders, either by title or influence, constantly send messages that shape others’ attitudes and drive their behaviors. Intentionally or unintentionally, every communication and action from a leader tells a story about what’s important to him/her. Learn how you can build a strong communication strategy, especially during uncertain times, to demonstrate your commitment to safety and drive safe behavior throughout the entire organization.

Presenter: Abby Fansler, MS, Communication Consultant, Caterpillar Safety Services
Demonstrating Commitment: Taking Safety from the Office to the Frontline:
Leaders have a wide scope of influence and accountability, so it is critical that they demonstrate commitment to safety through both words and actions, just as they do for production. It starts with leading by example, but true leadership goes beyond wearing proper PPE and ensuring others do the same. Learn tips to create and sustain a culture of positive safety performance through leadership, communication, training and recognition.

Presenter: Justin Ganschow, CHMM, CSP, Business Development Manager, Caterpillar Safety Services
Mental Health on the Jobsite:
Mental health is a critically important, but often overlooked part of overall workplace safety. Caterpillar’s Dr. John Pompe and Michelle Walker from the Construction Industry Alliance for Suicide Prevention discuss risk factors for mental health issues in the industry, implications for overall safety, how to recognize warning signs and tips to help employees.

Learn more about Caterpillar’s webinar series on safety at https://cat.com/safetyleadership
How to Estimate in the 'New Normal'
Presenter Rick Deans, Executive Vice President of Industry Engagement at InEight, talks through business today and what it might look like six months from now, plus ways of managing for the long term. Learn best practices to estimate in this new normal.

Telematics & Iron: SiteWatch
Telematics & Iron Webcast with Case sharing about its product SiteWatch.

Richie Snyder, Marketing Manager, CE Digital and Precision Solutions & Telematics, introduces the next generation of CASE SiteWatch telematics and talks with contractors about the advantages of telematics and the efficiencies it drives in fleet management and business. Learn more at CaseCE.com/SiteWatch